All-Purpose Blend

Our all-purpose blend features a premium blend of spices that can be used on fish, chicken, lamb, pork, beef and vegetables. Whether you’re a professional chef or just preparing great meals at home, this blend will take your meals to the next level. This is not your everyday seasoning salt!

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Heart Healthy Vegan Blend

Something delicious happens when you blend a special seasoning without all the salt. Use it on fish, chicken, lamb, pork, beef and vegetables. Premium ingredients like turmeric, orange and lemon peel join a familiar flavor profile of garlic, onion and cumin. A dash of mineral-rich premium pink Himalayan salt is the only used in our seasoning.

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About Chef Larry Perry Jr.

  • 18 years of experience as a chef.
  • Background in food service, business administration and dietetic management.
  • Specializes in understanding and adhering to both regular and special diets ranging from toddlers to older adults in long-term care facilities.
  • Believes in spices that are both healthy and flavorful.